Thanks Dave!


I’ll get this moved over to the margin shortly, but I wanted to make sure it got up here quickly. I’ve been depending on Dave’s innovations since the first version of ThinkTank shipped in the early 1980s. From outlining to blogs to RSS, the central concepts and tools in my day-to-day knowledge work all flow from the software innovations he has made happen.

I haven’t made a scientiifc study of the problem, but I’m pretty sure that few, if any, of the tools I use on a daily basis were developed and fielded by his critics.

Thanks Dave, thanks Richard.

Thanks Dave! and also thanks Richard:


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You’ll find a new addition to my site today – this simple, little badge:


The badge is a link to Scripting News, the weblog home of Dave Winer. If you hover over the image on the site, you should see the following text:

My thanks to Dave Winer for his visionary role in the development of weblogs, RSS, podcasting, SOAP, XML-RPC, OPML, and outliners.


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