Happy blogversary to Jack Vinson

Congratulations to Jack on his 2nd blogversary. I can remember encouraging him to star his blog based on the cogent emails and comments I would get from him in response to my postings. We all won by getting him to share his insights.

Tonight, I’ll be a guest lecturer in Jack’s classs. I’ll be talking about the notion of personal knowledge management and why you might want to think about it explicitly.

2nd blogversary for Knowledge Jolt with Jack

I started this blog two years ago with the first of my (currently) 122 entries in the “events” category about David Weinberger speaking for AKMA at Seabury-Western. Funny that it turned out we’d have a baby on the 18th of May in 2004. And this year, I am teaching a class on knowledge management at Northwestern on this anniversary and birthday.

Happy day!


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