Lego Death Star II Coming Soon

Definitely want one of these. I also have been lusting after the Imperial Star Destroyer.

I did the Millenium Falcon a few years back, but it has been salvaged for parts by my younger son. I'm sure Han Solo would understand.

you're the type who'd give anything for a Red 5 to complete your Star
Wars Customizable Card Game collection, you might be interested in
Lego's Death Star II set from Episode VI. For $300, you'll finally have
a gigantic, incomplete base of operations for your wayward TIE fighters and bombers.
Of course, if you're anything like I was when I was nine, you'd have
your father spend six hours putting the whole set together just to
smash it into a wall in a tragic “accident” 10 minutes later. Lego says
it'll be available on September 30th this year.

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