You are an admin and you do need these lists

We're all admins today. Worthwhile stuff to know.

If you are a network or systems administrator, you’ll want these two lists from the
SilentNight Network and Systems Information Pages (their
descriptions, not mine).

The Default Password List: Here you will find a list with default usernames and passwords to Routers, Printers
etc. This list is useful for system engineers and administrators, and let them easely find security holes, and provide
unknowing customers with a little bit tighter network. If you have one of the items in this list, check it out and be
sure to change user/pass to something not known by every hacker on this planet.

Most Used Passwords: This is the list of passwords you dont wanna use, In fact you would be quite stupid using
one of these combinations cos the use is so widely spread that if anyone would try to compromise your system this will
be their first try.

Hint: If you have a broadband connection and cable/DSL router on your home network, you’re an admin (and if you
don’t, you’re vulnerable to a huge array of attacks)! If you run a WiFi access point, you’re an admin!