More on the IT cultural divide

I agree. This is a pointer to an excellent piece on technology and business change, full of insight and good advice.

Spooky Action: Seldom updated, often re-readMi…

Spooky Action: Seldom updated, often re-read

Mike DeWitt is a guy who needs a kick in the ass. He writes such good stuff, then gets taken prisoner by work for 6 months at a stretch.
(Disclaimer: We chat from time to time, but I’m serious, this is not blogrolling.) This here
post alone will sort the boyz from the men, girlz from the women on an executive mangement team. And – gasp – it’s fun to read.

Spooky Action Predicts: Nick Carr has your number! (.8 probability)

If you re in IT management or consulting, your blood pressure is now 40 points higher than before you got here. If you re a CEO/CFO/CXO whose span of control includes IT, you may have one of those wry, one-corner-of-your-mouth-turned-up smiles on your face. If you re none of the above,

a) Hi Mom kids!, or

b) thanks for stopping by randomly; I hope I make it worth your while….