Another reason to have good earphones when you fly

Fortunately, I have my Etymotic ER-6 earphones. I’ve been using them with my iPod for the past year and if the number of flight attendants who have to wave their hands at me to get my
attention is any indication, cell phones in flight shouldn’t prove to be too much of an issue.

Remind Me to Stop Flying.
Cell phones in the air are inevitable: Interesting piece from the New York Times running through the last few months of tests and proposals on putting cellular picocell stations in planes and allowing cell phone use on a broader basis. The highly quoted Paul Saffo wins the prize for summarizing the problem: “The last thing I want is a bunch of jabbering
business geeks,” said Paul Saffo, a technology industry consultant who travels 200,000 miles a year on United Airlines and said that flying was his only escape from e-mail and phone calls. “The only quiet time I get is when I fly. It’s my meditation time.”… [Wi-Fi Networking News]