A wholehearted recommendation of Crossroads Dispatches

If you’re not reading Crossroads Dispatches by Evelyn Rodriguez, block out some time. Her blog is rapidly moving to the top of my ‘must read’ list. More importantly, it’s moving to the
top of my ‘must think about’ list. Here is one of many excellent posts littering my aggregator and clamoring for my wholehearted attention.

Our Presence Spills Onto Our Voice.
The day I met Cindy, a women’s network was milling about her artistic loft in the newly gentrified part of Salt Lake City doing what women’s network groups do. Cindy quietly and powerfully stood out from the rest of the… [Crossroads Dispatches]

In it she shares an exchange between her and Cindy Martenay of Insight Shift on the topic of presence. I’ve harped on the importance of mindfulness in navigating today’s world. Evelyn and Cindy make a great case that the better notion is that of “wholeheartedness.” Here’s one key graf to make that point:

If we cultivate — in our bodies and nervous systems — an ability to open up our lenses on the world, to become less sure of ourselves and more curious, we become more present to more of our experience as well as others’ experiences with us.

While I certainly fail more often than I succeed, it remains a worthy goal.