Uwe Reinhardt Is a Real Health Economist

You would not think that accounting could be an entertaining and illuminating subject to study, but then most of you did not have the opportunity to learn it from Uwe Reinhardt. I did have that opportunity and pleasure twenty-nine years ago. One of the lasting memories from my college days.

Today, whenever I run across something by Reinhardt, I take time out to read it, knowing that I will learn something useful and important.

Uwe Reinhardt Is a Real Health Economist.

I’m not a real health economist–although I have occasionally played the part of one in venues like the White House’s Roosevelt Room or Capitol Hill. Uwe Reinhardt is a real health economist. And he has written a very good Primer for Journalists [pdf] (and others who want to understand what the issues are) willing to think at a level higher than Bush-speak.

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