Slacker Manager blog

Another new blogger worth paying attention to. Appropriate in the spirit of my previous post.

Welcome the Slacker Manager to the GTD Zone.

I’d like to welcome Brendon Connelly – the newest blogger listed here at the GTD Zone at I came across Brendon’s blog this morning in a trackback to a post by mind mapping guru Nick Duffill, checked out his blog and recognized someone I thought could add to the conversation and exchange of ideas here.

Drop by Brendon’s blog and check out his latest thoughts. You can also read his Slacker manifesto at Change This. Before you jump to conclusions, you should understand that, according to Brendon, there are actually three kinds of slackers in the world:

Here’s the deal. When it comes to slackers, there are three types of people:

  • People who never slack. These people stress out for years, have bulging neck veins and die of early heart attacks.
  • People who slack all the time. These people live in their parent’s basement.
  • People who slack some of the time. That’s the rest of us. Embrace it.

[Marc’s Outlook on Productivity]