David P. Reed wins WTN Communications Technology Award

Way to go David. Well deserved.

David P. Reed wins WTN Communications Technology Award!

Congratulations , David!

Reed won in fast company. Two of the other nominees were Carver Mead and Niklas Zennstrom. Zennstrom’s most recently founded company, Skype , won the Corporate CommTech Award, and deservedly so. Both Reed and Skype have irrevocably changed the field of communications technology.

I’ve been an advisor to WTN since before it was launched. Thanks to the persistence and dogged determination of WTN Founder Jim Clark, it is turning into something real; witness the recently announced expansion of the X-Prize, now known as the WTN X-Prize.

The four WTN Summits so far have been among the best meetings it has been my pleasure to participate in. At the most recent WTN meeting last week, the conversation I was in with George Gilder, David Reed, Steve Jurvetson, Kelly Larabee (Skype’s U.S. agent) and a handful of other articulate practitioners of communications was worth the trip all by itself.

– isen [isen.blog]