Ads in the Engadget RSS feed

Funny. I thought they were glitches in the feed as well. I certainly ignore them in general. To the extent they do intrude on my consciousness they annoy me. I’m inclined to Dave’s observation that the feed is an ad for the site. Don’t clutter it with noise.

Here’s what the new ads in the Engadget feed look like in my aggregator. At first I barely noticed them, then they looked like big glitches, but now that I see them in every post and I am starting to think about unsubbing. That says a lot, because it’s become one of my favorite feeds. I honestly don’t see why they need ads in their feed, because the feed itself is an ad for Engadget. Every time I read an item there’s a (let’s say) three percent chance I’ll link to it and deliver several hundred readers. There’s got to be a better way to pay for the feed. [Scripting News]