A day at the Brigham

Quite a week.

Had a more direct and personal encounter with the Emergency Department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston earlier in the week than I would have liked. I’ve been working for a client in the Longwood Medical Area here since mid-July. Over the last several days I’d been having chest pains off and on. Generally not considered a good sign for an overweight, underexercised middle-aged male. I finally decided that being moderately embarrassed if it was nothing was significantly preferable to what my wife would do to me if it were something serious. The image of her digging me up to kill me was the deciding factor so I walked across the street to the Brigham.

I’m happy to report that the outcome was moderate embarassment rather than immediate bypass surgery or worse. I spent a good portion of the day on a monitor and they ran me through a treadmill stress test. While not absolutely definitive, it appears that my heart is sound. My thanks to all the good folks I met at the Brigham who reassured me that I had done the sensible thing and made me feel comfortable despite my anxieties.