Advice on blogging successfully

A good mix of serious and entertaining tips on how to blog successfully.

I would also recommend Phil Windley’s advice on how to start a blog. Noting profound or earthshattering in either one, but they do represent a solid collection of good advice and both have good sets of links to other sources.

I would also recommend taking a look at RSS right off the bat. Feld Thoughts recommends a whitepaper from MediaThink (with annoying Flash animation) called RSS: The Next Big Thing Online (pdf file), as a good introduciton. Skip the annoying stuff and go straight to the useful stuff.

About Blogging Successfully. Simon’s Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid To Ask attempts to be a complete round up of essential and practical blogging knowledge. There are obvious contradictions: Be Original(#19) Vs. Plagiarism is Encouraged(#22), but he probably does not expect to be taken seriously(#4). I wish he extended (#49) to include padding … []