Firefox problem with FeedDemon? Here's the fix

I’ve been experimenting with making both of these tools part of my default environment. This is for when I need it.

Firefox problem with FeedDemon? Here’s the fix..

If like me you’re using Firefox as your default browser, you may have run into a problem recently when using it with FeedDemon. Several FeedDemon users (and users of other tools that rely on Firefox) have reported that every time they try to use Firefox as an external browser, they get a message that Windows cannot find the URL.

Luckily, a FeedDemon customer posted the solution in the FeedDemon support forum:

  1. Open Explorer
  2. Select Tools and then Folder Options
  3. Select the File Types tab
  4. Select Extension: (NONE), File Type: HyperText Transfer Protocol
  5. Click Advanced toward the bottom of the window
  6. In the Edit File Type window, select open and click Edit
  7. Clear the DDE message box (which should contain “%1”)
  8. Click OK, Click OK
  9. Repeat for File Type: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy

By Nick Bradbury. [Nick Bradbury]