Greg Iles's The Footprints of God – 50 Book Challenge

The Footprints of God : A Novel
Iles, Greg
Rick Klau recommended this book to me at a blogger get together in Chicago back in March. Finally had a chance to read it last week during a little vacation time. Rick gets to recommend books to me anytime he wants from now on.

I hadn’t read any of Iles’s books before. Now, I’ll be looking for them. It’s your basic techno-thriller. The hero David Tennant is an M.D. serving as the resident ethicist on a secret project to build an intelligent supercomputer. There’s a bit of speculation on what might happen at the intersection of brain-imaging technologies and quantum computing, but it’s really only enough to propel the plot. That’s why I put this in the category of a techno-thriller rather than science fiction. It’s much the way that Michael Crichton’s fiction works. He’s not a science fiction writer in my book either. But you don’t really care much about that as the plot hurtles along. A much better than average summer read.