MBA Student Suvey Project: The Blog as a Meaningful Business Tool

More efforts to dig into the connections between blogs and organizations.

MBA Student Suvey Project: The Blog as a Meaningful Business Tool.

Matthew Lin wrote me and asked to help publicize his survey. If you leave your email addy at the end, he’ll share his report. Here is his email:

Dear Nancy,

My name is Matthew Lin, an MBA candidate at University of New Brunswick at Saint John, Canada. I am currently conducting a research on how weblogs are being used as business tools, and their particular implication for small and medium enterprises. I have designed a questionnaire in order to survey individuals who publish weblogs or can describe the reasoning behind their company’s weblog. The survey will be posted online for one month, starting next week. I am seeking your assistance to promote this survey to your readers, in hope of gathering a good cross-section of business weblogs. Please spread the word!

The survey is available at:

Additional information about this project (e.g., objectives, hypotheses) are available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration. If you are aware of others who might also be
interested in posting this questionnaire URL, please feel free to forward this email to them.


Matthew Lin

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