Want Lookout? Get it today

Several people I trust have been recommending LookOut and its availability after Microsoft purchased the company may become an issue. I’ve grabbed a copy.

Want Lookout? Get it today..

Lookout 1.2 (the current version with the new license agreement) is available today until 12:00 PM PST at this link. After that time, you ll need to either find a friend who has the installer or wait until Microsoft decides what it s stratgey for the Outlook add-in will be.

There s been a lot of speculation that the fact that purchase was made through the MSN group (where founder and developer Mike Belshe is joining the Advanced Search Technology group) may mean that we won t see Lookout re-released as an add-in for the Outlook application.

Others are predicting that Lookout search capability will be incorporated into the next version of Outlook (but who knows when that will be?).

As the old song goes get it while you can .

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