Subverting the folks in marketing

If you haven’t already started reading Beyond Bullets, you should. Perhaps, more importantly, you should encourage the folks in marketing who set up your templates to read it as well. That will do double duty; getting them to improve their templates and getting them hooked on weblogs.

Thinking outside the grid in PowerPoint.

Cliff Atkinson s Beyond Bullets discusses one of the most frequent design mistakes made in presentations today. I ve really come to value Cliff s insights. Although he focuses on PowerPoint in his blog, a lot of the advice he presents can be easily adapted to other publishing and presenting activities.

Clearly, putting your logo on every slide increases the risk that you will communicate the wrong message, and presents an unnecessary obstacle in the way of your corporate goals. If you say your presentation should be all about your audience, your logo on your PowerPoint template shows the opposite, because there you are on every single slide.

[The Office Weblog]