iTunes Album Art Importer for Windows

Life is good. I’ll be downloading this shortly. This is the sort of useful tool I never would have found without weblogs and aggregators.

If ever there was a goodness…the iTunes Album Art Importer for Windows, written in .NET 1.1.

Thank you YVG Software Services as you have saved me time. The way to a programmer’s heart is by saving him/her time. You wrote the iTunes Art Importer, and it was your FIRST VB.NET Application. It uses the Web Service to find Album Covers for my iTunes collection – and it just works. Kudos to you, and God bless you. 🙂 And thank you iTunes for having a COM Automation interface. Ain’t that something, a little .NET, a little Web Services, a little OLE Automation and a hard problem is solved n times.

(See their importer, there below iTunes itself? Shiny, eh? I’ve set it off to find art for 4700+ songs. A few hundred in, and I’ve got a 90% hit rate.)

[ – Scott Hanselman’s Weblog]