My two cents on Winer

I suppose I’d feel a bit paranoid if every action I took elicited the response that “Dave” gets. For all I know, I might well have one of those supposed 3,000 weblogs that momentarily have gone away. I chose to move on to my own site once I had developed a better sense of what I wanted to do.

I haven’t been a programmer for a long time and I was never as talented at it as many. But I do create things and I know that it takes real emotional energy to create. Far more than it does to throw stones.

I’ve used products from “Userland” as a major component of the creative work I’ve done over the last several years and I’ve paid for them, because that’s what you do to ensure that you have and will have the tools you need to do your work. I have never had anything but cordial and helpful interactions with “Dave” over that time.

I also agree with AKMA’s observations this morning.

The world is full of creators and critics. Spend your time with the creators.

What’s Wrong With Winer? / Pointless Battles.

I wish people would just get a hold of themselves on the Winer / thing… I mean all this ranting is just a waste of energy… it was a free service – it ended – stop complaining and using this as a bashing opportunity.

It also pisses me off when people write about Winer and, so-bloody-often, put in this ‘but if you know what he’s like’ type comment. Why do people think he’s so bad? I’ve been in this sphere for ’bout a year and a half now… reading widely… and I just don’t get it…

Pershunally I agree with a lot of what he says today. I wish people would expend their energy on more worthy issues!

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