The truth about RFPs

I spend way too much time in conversations like these.

Responding to RFPs.

Very very funny :o)

So, let s say I build houses and someone says.. Hey, wanna come and build me a house?

I say Damn Straight Brother what do you need?

They say Well, I really want blue walls how much will that cost?

I say Hmm.. well, I need to know more about the house you need how many floors, how big, will you need a basement? How many doors?

They say Well, you should know that s not important. What I really need is wood shingles. Now knowing what you know how much will the house cost? And don t try to screw me because I m going to hold you to it and I also have 50 other house builders bidding for the work

I say Um let s go with $250,000

They say Wow, that s a lot. Could you justify that based on my requirements?

I say Well, it s the blue paint that made all the difference… [Joel from Canada via SoulSoup]

[incorporated subversion]