Listen to the sound of the Universe on your iPod

I’ve downloaded the mp3s, but they haven’t made it to my iPod quite yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Listen to the sound of the Universe on your iPod.

universe on an ipodThe New York Times had a great story about Dr. Mark Whittle, a professor of astronomy at the University of Virginia who has taken the cosmic background radiation of the universe and made a series of sounds.

For the first 400,000 years, Dr. Whittle said, it sounds like a descending scream falling into a dull roar.

So of course the first thing we did was google him, find the site and turn the .WAV files in to MP3s for our iPods!

Right click / option click this link to download a zip file of the 13 sounds we also combined them all in to one MP3 which is in the zip as well.

If you d like to read more about Dr. Mark Whittle s work visit his site, there are a lot of presentations and information regarding Big Bang Acoustics.