Drowning in a Sea of Surety

Wise words from Burningbird.

Drowning in a Sea of Surety. I think that we should designate one day per week to be Humility Day. Or perhaps Day of Doubt or Insecurity Day. Each weblog we visit, the owner–myself included–pontificates on all the wrongs and evils of the day. Expressing opinions is a good thing, but lately it seems that even the most thoughtful weblog writers are screaming their words out, pages covered with the spit of their emotional outbursts, saturated with surety. Not just in politics: I’m finding the same level of surety in technology and tool usage, even which operating system we use. It’s as if none of us can tolerate even the slightest possibility of doubt in our choices. We can’t just talk about how nice our TiBooks are–we … [Burningbird]