Dali quote for the open copyright folks

It does make you wonder whether those most eager to wrap protections around ideas lear that they don’t have enough ideas. Reminds me of Linus Pauling’s observation that “the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”

Dali quote for the open copyright folks.

In London, i went to the Dali exhibit. At the entrance, they had hundreds of “wacky” quotes by Dali about sex, his philosophy (and his belief that philosophy doesn’t exist), art and everything you could imagine. I came across one that made me immediately think of a few of the copyright crusaders that i know, so i thought i’d share:

Ideas are made to be copied. I have enough ideas to sell them on. I prefer that they are stolen so that i don’t have to actually use them myself.

It’s from an interview where he’s being asked about his art, copies and the public.