Waiting for Tinderbox 2 for Windows

I’ve been watching Tinderbox for a while now, even though it’s a Mac program. I once used StorySpace from EastGate and Tinderbox looks like an interesting tool for my work. I’m looking forward to the Windows version.

Tinderbox 2.2.

Tinderbox 2.2 is out. You can download a free demo. The upgrade is free if you bought Tinderbox in the last year. If not, you can get another year of free upgrades for just $70.

This is primarily an infrastructure release, paving the way for Tinderbox for Windows. But there’s plenty of great new stuff here for everyone:

  • Quick lists (like this)
  • Much faster interactive spell checking
  • Lots of new, advanced HTML export features
  • Support for richer syndication formats — both RSS and Atom

[Mark Bernstein]