You can't rush readiness

Isn’t this the truth. And a truth that I, too, need to learn over and over again. Now, I have a handy reminder.

You can’t rush readiness.

Homeschooling parent, Sarah, reminds of a very important point when it comes to parenting:

You can t play games with readiness. That s been my one of my Most Important Parenting Lessons (and one which I, apparently, need to learn over and over again). Kids are, or are not, ready.

Readiness simply comes of its own accord. You can lay the foundation, but no game, no trick, no bribe can make an unready child ready. Those things are approaches or motivators; they don t flip the switch inside their brain, or body, or heart. They ll be ready when they re ready. And because we re impatient, or we believe we know better, or that we re more powerful/ influential than we are, we struggle to learn this lesson. But go ahead and learn it. You re ready.

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