The Problems With Training (and What to Do About It).

This is a nice collection of tips and strategies for designing large scale training events.

The Problems With Training (and What to Do About It). As the author asserts, “Mirroring the 7th grade classroom and the freshman college 101 lecture hall will serve only to copy their mediocrity.” Too true. But what to do about it? This essay contains a number of good suggestions, ranging from the ever popular 99-second talks to the importance of food, round tables, and varied activities. When I plan a conference (and I will plan a conference some time over the next couple of years) it is my intention to employ a number of these tactics to draw on some of the lessons on learning that we all know but never seem to apply for ourselves. Like, for example, having the conference participants themselves design the conference online before the actual event. Whoever heard of such a thing? Via elearningpost. By Scott Berkun with Vanessa Longacre, UIWeb, February, 2004 [Refer][Research][Reflect] [OLDaily]