Playfair forced offline by Apple, reappears on Indian site.

It must be frustrating to be a corporate lawyer with a technological clue. You know that sending a cease and desist letter will immediately trigger the proliferation of copies across the net and around the world, as well as generating all sorts of unwanted publicity. On the other hand, if you don’t you violate your responsibilities to your shareholders. I think “bullied” is a bit inflamatory. IANAL, but this strikes me as yet one more piece of evidence that the DMCA is bad law.

Playfair bullied offline by Apple, reappears on Indian site. PlayFair, the free software project that allowed you to strip the copy-restriction wrapper off of your iTunes Music Store tracks, has been removed from SourceForge in response to a threatening letter, apparently from Apple. It has been relocated to a server in India, and development continues apace. Link (Thanks, Jonathan!) [Boing Boing]