Social Network Systems from Bob Frankston

Now these are Social Network Systems I can endorse!

Is it SATN?. No, just Bob Frankston and his three newly proposed YASNS — EomE [Enemy of my Enemies,] Blind Trust Network, and the Mindless Philatelist Network:

You’re invited to join the EomE network

Unlike David Weinberger who seems to dislike the social networking phenomenon, I embrace and extend the concept.

Enemy of my Enemies is a new social network. Unlike the old ones it focuses on the real need to protect ourselves from “them”.

Warning: you must click the button an even number of times otherwise you will be considered an enemy.

You will be asked to make sure that you are indeed the enemy of at least one of my enemies. Don’t be surprised if you are on enemy list yourself. You can be in both categories though in order to join you will have to agree to attack yourself to protect me.

The Trust Network is the new effort to solve the problem of trust on the Internet. You can simple check a box to say you trust me. We at the Trust Network understand that there are people who you trust with your life but not your money but such fine distinctions are not compatible with the need for naive trust. All who are trusted agree to encode all their information into the semantic web ontology that eschews ambiguity in favor of simplicity. Esperanto is the only language allowed within the Web of Trust (WoT).

For those reluctant to be enmeshed we are willing to assist with the “Home Lobotomy Kit”. It provides all the instructions you need (spoons not included). After the operation you will find no ambiguities in the concept of trust.

After all, the whole purpose of these networks is to collect people like we collect stamps. So why bother with the people part and go straight to the Mindless Philatelist Network. This is the network for people who don’t really care what they collect as long as they have the most. Stamps are simpler than people but either way only quantity matters.

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