Making Your Blog Posts Spiffy

Some good ideas for making your posts more useful to readers. Something I should pay more attention to. I focus so much on the RSS side of the equation, that I sometimes forget that there are those who prefer getting their weblog content in their browsers.

Making Your Blog Posts Spiffy. Kaye offers up some tips on making the most of blog posts:

  • Use a pull quote
  • Adam Polselli’s unique blockquote style for showing code labels it as such (scroll down to see)
  • Adrian Holovaty’s blockquote style for showing code highlights it & changes the font
  • Put quote marks around your blockquote content
  • Use a different font in your blockquote
  • Jay McCarthy puts a dotted line around his blockquotes
  • According to these suggestions, I’m doing a fairly good job. But the pull quote thing is very cool, something I’m going to have to experiment with.

    UPDATE: Well, that was pretty easy… [Weblogg-ed News]