A fix for text-only links

A fix for text-only links.

How many times have you seen a URL that wasn’t coded properly to be a clickable link? You have to highlight the text, copy, go to the address bar of your browser, paste, and hit Enter (or click “Go”). I just came across a neat script called BrowseTo (via Daily Rotation) that fixes this small but annoying problem.

Install BrowseTo and you can now highlight a text-only link, right click and choose Browse to… to open a new window containing that page. You can even use it to highlight a clickable link and open a new window if you use HotMail or other frames-based web sites that make opening a link in a new window difficult (or impossible).


BrowseTo requires Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer.

The author has definitely got a sense of humor. You’ve got to read some of his copy. And, he must be a jazz fan (his site name is straightnochaser.com).

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Here’s a useful little tool that solves a problem I run into multiple times a day.