ActiveWords wordbase for OneNote

ActiveWords wordbase for OneNote.

Fred Zimmerman has created a OneNote ActiveWords wordbase file for ActiveWords Plus. This came about from a conversation Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords and I were having that we sucked Fred into.

The wordbase offers a number of really helpful AW shortcuts including:

  • “onsn” — ActiveWord to launch OneNote SideNote
  • “onsnip” — ActiveWord to snip selected text from any app and paste it into OneNote — courtesy Buzz Bruggeman and Dennis Kennedy
  • “onaudio” — ActiveWord to turn on OneNote audio recording in current page

Nice work Fred! You just made one of my favorite apps even better!

[Marc’s Outlook on Productivity]

Buzz walked me through some of this the other day. I expect I’ll be installing OneNote shortly. For all the productivity I already get out of ActiveWords, I’m always amazed by the tricks that Buzz gets it to do. He chips away at little irritations in the way that Windows can be an invisible drag on productivity and over time turns an out of the box laptop into a highly personalized and tuned information appliance.