Blogging the market needs work

Blogs As Intra-enterprise Technologies of Cooperation.

George Dafermos at MIT, in Blogging the Market (93 page PDF) , looks at pervasive blogging as potential organizational dynamite, with case histories that include Slashdot, Amazon, Macromedia, Groove Networks, and Gizmodo.

(Thanks, Jim!)

[Smart Mobs]

I had real problems with this report. It’s gotten a fair number of pointers from other blogs and the outline looked intriguing. After about an hour skimming through it though I think there’s probably a really good 20-page report lurking in there somewhere, but in its present form it’s hard to justify the time to dig it out. If I were reviewing this paper as a referee I send it back for major revisions. Too bad, because I think it’s asking the right questions.