RSS feeds from CIO Magazine

CIO. CIO RSS Feeds available. CIO content is now available in an easy-to-use XML format. Stream our feeds to your website or desktop aggregator for an instant and automatically updated list of our latest stories. The feeds are refreshed daily and the content within them is updated as new resources become available on our site…. [Lockergnome’s RSS Resource]

A great collection of categorized RSS feeds from one of the authoritative voices in the IT management world.

As I’ve come to expect for “conventional” publishers easing into RSS waters, CIO’s feeds are essentially teasers designed to get you to go read the full story on their site. Fortunately, the writers at CIO know how to write good teasers. If you’re going to use RSS in this fashion, then you need to do it professionally; give me a good teaser, not the first 50 words of the story.