Pssss… Have You Heard About RSS?

Pssss… Have You Heard About RSS?.

Nice: Pssss… Have You Heard About RSS?

[elearnspace blog]

A very well done and thorough introduction to RSS. Here’s one quote that nicely captures the payoff from using RSS as a core component of your personal knowledge management strategy:

Since I started monitoring RSS feeds from about 80 instructional technology weblogs in January 2003, I can without a doubt say I have learned of more innovations and information relevant to my field than I would have gotten from checking web sites and reading listservs.

There’s been some recent noise about the bandwidth demands imposed by RSS readers that poll sites too frequently or not intelligently enough. I’m sure there are technical issues to be dealt with, but let’s not forget my bandwidth as an individual. RSS increases my bandwidth for monitoring things that matter to me by an order of magnitude.