Don’t return those MP3s

A picture named fargo.jpgThis idea is going to backfire. Better to send music CDs to record company execs, cut them in half so they can’t re-sell them, and send an unmistakable message that the gravy train is drying up. Sending email with huge enclosures is a horrible abuse of the Net. [Scripting News]

I’d have to agree with Dave here.

Besides being an abuse of the net likely to cause more harm to the average user than it will send any useful message to record company execs, it has another problem. I’m willing to bet that many if not most of these execs don’t read their own email. You’re more likely to make life difficult from some poor Executive Assistant than you are to deliver any useful message to the executives themselves.

If the relevant executives were making any extensive use of email and the web, I think we’d see a lot less clueless behavior on their part.