Full text please


A number of the people who's blogs I read regularly have not set up their systems to provide a full text feed of each post. 40 words is not enough for me to accurately decide if I want to read something or not. More often than not the post gets deleted.

Please consider offering an alternative feed for those of us who want full text. That said, I don't offer 40 word excerpts on my feed so if you want one ask and I'll set it up.

Let me add my vote to this request as well. I find that it takes an absolutely compelling headline and a lead graf and available time for me to go check out a full post that isn't already in my aggregator. Do I risk missing something compelling? Possibly. But if you're primary goal is to get your content read, then a full feed is your best bet from my selfish perspective.
I know that there are those, like Liz Lawley,  who still prefer to read blog posts in situ. I'm an informavore, however, and I don't find enough incremental information content in the typical blog site to warrant regular visits to the site over consuming the posts by way of a full feed. To me the default behavior of some blogging tools to offer abbreviated feeds is a holdover from such discredited notions as stickiness and aggregating eyeballs.
On the other side, choice is good. If there is any interest in seeing an abbreviated posts feed or titles only feed here, let me know in the comments and I'll add it.