Waiting eagerly for Roland Tanglao's LinkFest to ship

Sign me up! I’ve been looking for something just like this to get more leverage out of the material I find coming into my aggregator. Roland, put me on the list for this.

Roland Tanglao and I and a couple of colleagues are working on a new blogging, content-publishing tool that we’re calling LinkFest for now.

LinkFest is – for now – a client application that works in conjunction with a Browser. It functions as an interactive visual and textual workspace that allows for:

  • the rapid assembly of links, files, data, images and other relevant items of interest,
  • subsequent easy manipulation of the collected data and text,
  • simple addition of annotations and commentary, and finally
  • quick one-click publishing.

The main elements of LinkFest s functionality (drag-and-drop content that automatically creates linked clusters of related, annotatable material that is saveable, sendable, re-usable, formattable) allows end-users to use RSS feeds better, to connect and combine them (along with other content) any way they want to or need to, to build a story, themes, briefings, and so on. They can build and publish their knowledge, their content, and their services their own way. [wirearchy News]