Another new blogger without an RSS feed

Welcome another biz/tech blogger

Umair Haque is blogging from the UK at Bubble Generation. Among others, he's got interesting posts on the impact of RIAA policies on developing economies and cultures and why ibankers shouldn't be giving advice on tech venture strategy. Oh, and he thinks there's a bubble in social software. [Due Diligence]

Looks like some interesting material and good takes on a number of topics. No RSS feed I could find, so somebody let me know when one appears. Until then, I have better things to do than surf there in hopes there's something to see.

Here's my selfish rule for new and potentially interesting blogs I hear about. I make one visit. If, and only if, there is an RSS feed I will subscribe to it if the first visit seems promising. No RSS feed and I will probably never go back unless several of the weblogs in my subscriptions list point me there.