Jon Udell touts Syncato

Kimbro’s science experiment.

Kimbro Staken’s new science experiment, Syncato, is bubbling right along. I just used the new comments feature to post a comment to an item. In the comment, which is well-formed, I “transcluded” the result of an XPath query of Syncato’s XML database. I also quoted Kimbro in the comment, and used my own blog’s convention — <blockquote cite="..."> — to do so. Now watch:

Comments I’ve posted.

All blockquote elements.

All quotations of Kimbro.

Comments, written by me, that quote Kimbro.

XPath code fragments contained within comments where I quote Kimbro.

Awesomely cool. Kimbro writes:

In reality Syncato is much more then just a weblog system, it’s an XML fragment management system. [Syncato]

Great description. And what a powerful concept!

[Jon’s Radio]

Of course, knowing how and when to turn from learning to action is no easy task when these sorts of goodies keep flowing into your field of vision.