Knowledge at Work – Denham Gray's new blog

Where are the KM discussions?. There seems to have been a dramatic drop in the level of on-line KM discussion across all the key forums since the end of the first quarter '03. Let's take a tour: The EU Knowledge board has closed its forms… [Knowledge-at-work]

Denham Gray starts a blog, Knowledge at Work, in addition to his KMWiki and his frequent thoughtful comments on existing blogs.  I've certainly benefitted from his generous contributions to my thinking. I've subscribed to his feed and am looking forward to being able to follow his contributions more easily.

Denham is focused on the interactions between knowledge workers level of knowledge management, so it's intriguing that he's picked up on a drop in activity in discussion forums and email channels devoted to KM. Certainly, in my own case, I've found a blog to be a better forum for striking a balance between developing my ideas about knowledge management and knowledge work and sharing those ideas with the broader community of interest/practice around the topic. I find the signal to noise ratio of blogs much higher and much more susceptible to management than in threaded discussions or mailing lists.