Dan Bricklin adds an RSS feed

RSS feeds galore.

Dan Bricklin has finally attached an RSS feed to his blog.  Thanks, Dan.  Over the past year, the number of Web and eMail holdouts has been steadily (and thankfully) decreasing.  A few remaining that I'd love to see embracing RSS in their subscriber notification & distribution models:  Mark Anderson's SNS, Esther Dyson's Release 1.0, Dave Farber's IP.  C'mon, Mark, Esther & Dave … it's truly a “reader-friendly” approach. [Ray Ozzie's Weblog]

I've been reading all my news exclusively via my Radio aggregator for sometime now.  One site I really miss – is “Good Morning Silicon Valley“. I really wish they had an RSS feed.

[Marc's Voice]

Another blogger sees the light.

As Ozzie says, RSS is “truly a 'reader-friendly' approach.” If making it easier for your readers is one of your priorities, there's no excuse for making them come to your site if they want to focus on your words and ideas in an aggregator.