Shooting for wisdom, hoping for common sense

Occasionally, in the discussions around knowledge management, someone will throw out the notion of wisdom as the next thing up some tacit hierarchy. Liz Lawley here offers an excellent example of the very human nature of wisdom in the context of recent ruminations about the need for blogging rules;

rules? i don’t need no stinkin’ rules!. Everywhere you look these days, bloggers are writing policies and rulebooks. For themselves, for others, for everyone. With calls for accountability, integrity, consistency, appropriateness, and ethical behavior, it seems that every blogger I know is publishing their own set of guidelines for blogging. Feh. A pox on all their rules, that s what I say. How many of us have published rules to govern how we talk to our friends? I d be horrified if a friend had to consult his or her published personal policy statement before saying something to me (or correcting a misstatement, for that matter). In his wonderful… [mamamusings]

Well worth your time to go read all of what Liz has to say and follow through to some of the other debate on the topic that she points to. I plan ot emulate Liz’s fine leadership by example here. There will be no rules here. You get to judge whether I’m demonstrating any common sense.