Kensington WiFi Finder

Review of WiFi Finder. Bob Rudis reviews Kensington's WiFi Finder and finds it wanting: Bob wrote in with some information about his earlier experience with the credit card sized device from Kensington that reports with one, two, or three green LEDs the signal strength of nearby 802.11b or g networks. I asked him if I could share his thoughts, and he agreed. Bob wrote: Just received a Kensington WiFi “Finder” in the post today. I usually am not too disappointed being an “early adopter,” but in the case of this product, I wish I had put the money in the iPod piggy bank instead. … [Wi-Fi Networking News]

I have to agree with this review based on my few hours of experience with this toy. Good idea, abysmal execution. Sometimes being an early adopter doesn't payoff. Put your money elsewhere for now.