Blogging for knowledge workers–think compound interest and start tomorrow

Why PhDs should start blogging.

Things New PhDs Should Start Doing [via José Luis Orihuela]

  1. Keep a Research Diary
  2. Maintain an Electronic Bibliography
  3. Know Your Search Engines
  4. An Archiving System for Useful Info
  5. Learn The Composition of your Research Community
  6. Document Useful Learning Experiences
  7. Keep a Professional Home Page
  8. Maintain an Updated CV
  9. Get Involved Early On
  10. Develop Research Meta-awareness

This article provide a good reference to justify why PhDs should start blogging 🙂


This is a much richer post than its title might suggest. What it really offers is a nicely thought out and articulated mini-case about what any aspiring knowledge worker ought to be doing to get more leverage out of their work.

While it’s never too late to start these kinds of strategies for yourself, the earlier you do, the sooner you’ll start building and refining your own private, custom-designed and organized knowledge base. Youe specifics may vary, but this provides a good road map to what you ought to be thinking about. And if you can’t generalize and abstract from the world of a Ph.D. student to your own world of knowledge work, then perhaps you ought to start looking for one of those nice 1950s assembly line jobs that don’t exist anymore.

It’s just like compound interest, the sooner you start the better.