Dibs on Weblog Outliner Tool

Dave continues to tease us with the Weblog Outliner Tool. (SOURCE:Scripting News)-OK, Dave, please stop teasing us. I want this yesterday 🙂 for my Radio blog ! Ready to beta test anytime!
<QUOTE>Last year on this day I started work on My Weblog Outliner tool. I gotta get back to work on that soon. It’s a good thing. Outlining for Movable Type users. </QUOTE>
[Roland Tanglao’s Weblog]

I can see some pushing and shoving at the head of the line here. I already do 90% of my writing inside “Radio”‘s outliner and end up backing and filling a bit when I move something from there over to my blog. I would love to see “Dave” shift his attention back to this tool. Sign me up and Roland and I can start fighting offline to see who gets first dibs.