Watching for the imminent arrival of k-collector

k-collector goes live.

Paolo and I are now subscribed to a single shared cloud (called WWWW) of topics using the k-collector server and client for Radio.

This means that our posts will be aggregated together by k-collector on the basis of the topics we use.  The demo interface shows a simple hierarchical view but we have lots of other things planned.

Another poweful feature of this setup is the shared topic roll.  Because we are both subscribed to the WWWW topic roll we use the same topics and any topics we create are automatically made available to other subscribers.

For example I am creating a topic 'Paolo Valdemarin' to attach to this post.  In a little while Paolo's client will automatically have this new topic available for those moments when he wishes to talk about himself!

[Curiouser and curiouser!]

I'm looking forward to seeing how k-collector really works. Matt Mower's liveTopics tool has been immensely valuable to me on a personal basis. I can see how k-collector would be even more valuable in an organizational or team setting.