Personal computing history – Bob Frankston on implementing Visicalc

Implementing VisiCalc [SATN]

A fascinating bit of the early history of personal computing. Bob Frankston's recollections on how he and Dan Bricklin implemented the original Apple ][ version of Visicalc. I still wish that Bricklin had been more than one year ahead of me at business school. I had to do Finance by hand just like he did. While I was simply suffering, they were implementing a solution to the pain they experienced and launching the first killer app of the PC generation. I did buy my first PC, an Apple ][ shortly after graduating from business school, but sure wished I had been able to have it while I was there. My other regret from that era was selling the Osborne I “portable” computer I bought after the Apple ][. I sold it to a colleague who went back to business school after I did. I think that old Apple ][ is still in my parents basement somewhere, but the Osborne is gone.