Adding trusted blog search

Trusted Blog Search.

Micah has simplified his microblogosphere search tool, which he calls “Trusted Blog Search“. It’s really simple. You feed it the URLs for your blog and for your subscriptions file, and it gives you a piece of Javascript that you can copy into your home page template. Afterwards you can search spheres centered around your blog with radius 0 (my blog), 1 (blogs I read), and infinity (the Web).

I’m trying it out right now (find it below the calendar). While there are still a few things to iron out in the “blogs I read” search, I find it quite handy. If you try it, be sure to put in the slash following your blog’s URL in the customization box.

[Seb’s Open Research]

Worth trying out. I’ve added it here. Micah’s also set up a simple form to generate the javascript you need to add to your template, so it’s pretty simple to do.