Six years at McGee s Musings

The experiment continues. Today is my sixth blogiversary.

When I started this I was teaching information technology and knowledge management topics at the Kellogg School. Today, I’m helping clients deal much the same set of issues. We have powerful technology and new services that promise to make us more effective and productive. Sometimes they actually do.

This space is a place where I try to get my own thinking straight and a way to immerse myself in the ongoing conversation of others trying to get their thinking straight. Some of them think in like-minded ways, others in very different ways, and all are important to the journey.

This particular set of social technologies must be lived in to be understood. I think this is one of the impediments that larger organizations face in managing adoption. They are comfortable with the illusion of carefully crafted plans. They need to become reacquainted with the less well-marked paths of real learning.

What I said in 2005 is still true:

I remain interested in the challenges of making organizations better places for real people to work in and still believe that the effective use of technology makes a difference. I suspect that large organizations are nearing the end of their useful life and that the evolution toward new forms will continue to be painful and noisy. I worry about leaders and executives who choose to ignore facts and who can’t or won’t distinguish between the theory of evolution and the theory of who shot JFK. [McGee’s Musings]

As has become my custom, I want to thank those whose paths I’ve crossed, if only electronically:

Jenny Levine, AKMA, Terry Frazier, Betsy Devine, Buzz Bruggeman, Denham Grey, Marc Orchant, Cameron Reilly, Ernie Svenson, Judith Meskill, Jack Vinson, Ross Mayfield, Lilia Efimova, Jeremy Wagstaff, Matt Mower, Ton Zijlstra, Eric Snowdeal, Rick Klau, Greg Lloyd, Chris Nuzum, Jordan Frank, Halley Suitt, Jon Husband, Dina Mehta, Shannon Clark, Bruce MacEwen, Espen Andersen, Hylton Jolliffe, Stowe Boyd, Francois Gossieaux, Jim Berkowitz, Eric Lunt, Dennis Kennedy, Matt Homann, Jim Ware, Elizabeth Albrycht, Regina Miller, David Gurteen, Rik Reppe, Tom Davenport & Larry Prusak, John Sviokla, Bryan Rieger, Stephanie Rieger, Sheryle Bolton, Lynne Whitehorn-Umphres, Bill Ives, Giovanni Rodriguez, David Maister, Nancy White, Dave Snowden, Andrew McAfee,  Euan Semple, Kathleen Gilroy, Stuart Henshall, Paula Thornton, Jay Cross

12 thoughts on “Six years at McGee s Musings”

  1. Hi Jim! We haven’t had a chance to connect just yet, but I am an avid follower of your blog for a few months now to the point where it’s become an essential daily reading. So it is really good news that despite the 6 years you have been blogging already, you are still going strong at it! Way to go!

    Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary! And look forward to continue catching further up with most of the great materials you have been sharing thus far! 🙂

  2. Another milestone … congratulations once more! Loved this thought in your post –” This particular set of social technologies must be lived in to be understood!”

  3. Hi Jim,

    congratulations on another year of blogging. Reminds me that I will complete my 5th year in the next few weeks. Keep on blogging! Looking forward to crossing digital paths again in the coming 12 months.


  4. Congratulations! Man, it’s hard to believe we’ve been at this so long. How time flies… I don’t even remember anymore when my anniversary comes and goes (five years June 4, 2007.) But it is interesting to go back and look at the old stuff every now and then.

    Wonder if we’ll make it to 10 years? And if we do, I wonder if it will matter?

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